MobiQuest: Last Minute Logistics Service Orders Raised On-the-Go for Better Control of Non-Budgeted Cost

Raise Logistics Work Orders On-the-Go

  • Last minute Service Orders are raised from the quayside or the worksite
  • Services Orders can be raised online or offline
  • At any time a pdf can be generated and sent out
  • Enrich information with GPS location, pictures etc.

Approval and notification workflow

  • Fully customizable workflow
  • Work Orders are reviewed on line (mobile or web), approved or rejected
  • Budget Holder aware of any non-budgeted cost
  • Automatic notification of the Work Orders to cost control

Automated Database and Dashboards

  • A centralized tool for all Work Orders for a project, a region or entity
  • Centralized tracking database for Service Orders
  • Expenditure by Supplier and reports on what is covered or not under Frame Agreement
  • Interactive dashboards instantly updated for management
  • Dashboards can be fully customized to respond to your needs