Why do you need MobiProjects?

Projects, Operations and large organization still often maintain cumbersome paper-based processes for remote work. The paper based process is typically labor intensive, costly, creates delay in data availability, lowers the effectiveness of highly paid resources and finally slows the work.

MobiProjects solution

Today, cloud services and ubiquity of smart-phones and tablets on site makes it easy to give everyone your project-specific interactive tool by simply downloading  an application in a few minutes.

MobiProjects® value proposition combines ProjectAppsServices®’s knowledge of Oil & Gas and Marine with the existing, proven and flexible Novade® platform, offering the best of mobility technology.

We are the first mobile solution provider bringing the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept to the Oil & Gas and Marine industries. Visit our Key Differentiators page to understand more about why we are different and how we can bring you the mobile solution you always dreamed to have.

Proven Technology

The underlying technology is already operational in a number of professional fields such as construction, utilities etc.

Providing Modern Systems for Efficiency


We are committed to implement Apps for our Clients that will create maximum value and are tailored to the organization's processes.

MobiProjects combines a high capability for customization with immediate global reach across geographical and organizational boundaries.

MobiProjects® is a brand of ProjectAppServices


MobiProjects® is only one of the ground-breaking products offered by ProjectAppServices to transform the way projects are run in Oil & Gas, mining, marine, power plant fields. 

For more information, visit the ProjectAppServices website, and specifically the Company and the Products page.