Safety and Quality Observations at Your Fingertips, Anywhere

  • Raise safety or quality observations on the go
  • Enrich observations with pictures, GPS location etc.
  • Embed observations approval and punch list generation
  • Assign and manage punch list items separately with corrective date and status report
  • Follow instantly the status at project or entity level thanks to our dynamic dashboards


Last Minute Service Orders Recorded and Approved On-The-Go

  • Raise last minute and unbudgeted mobilization service orders from site
  • Enrich observations with pictures, comments etc.
  • Flag whether the service order is covered or not under a Frame Agreement
  • Follow instantly the unbudgeted expenditure for project, worksite or per suppliers thanks to our dynamic dashboards


Manage all your Project Logistics commitments

  • Raise Logistics work orders on-the-go
  • Enrich work orders with pictures, GPS location etc.
  • Choose services from the frame agreement catalogs embedded in the application
  • Enable your selected suppliers to confirm directly price and receive instruction to proceed
  • A centralized tracking database for checking invoicing
  • Follow instantly the status at project or entity level thanks to our dynamic dashboards

Why Choose MobiProjects?

We are experienced in your business. Combined with cutting edge technology, we provide a unique value proposition.

  • We know your industry and best practice and we can help you in process mapping or advise you,
  • The flexibility of our technology allows us to respond exactly to your needs and adapt to your process,
  • We can prepare a prototype at our cost and risk within few days,
  • Our key technology differentiators enable solutions across geographical, technical and organizational boundaries,
  • We provide an unbeatable value proposition and lead time compared to the development of an in-house app.